Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date: Cost, Landing Date, Mission Objectives

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is now planning to launch Chandrayaan 3 after the failed landing of Chandrayaan 2. This time it will be launched with some special technology built into this vehicle which gives it special protection while launching on the lunar surface. 

ISRO has also revealed the Chandrayaan 3 Launch date and it will be launched on 12 July 2023 from ISRO Centre, Sriharikota and Chandrayaan 3 landing date is 23 August 2023. The information available here was shared by ISRO Chairman S Somnath through its official handle. If you want to know more about Chandrayaan 3 launch date, specials in Chandrayaan 3 and many more can read the following section carefully.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date

It is to be awaited that a special project of ISRO to launch Chandrayaan 3 is now ready to launch on the Moon’s surface. All preparations are complete for the launch of Chandrayaan 3 and we are excited to share the dedication of the scientists involved in making this project a success that every Indian can be proud of. Today we are also providing information about the third lunar exploration which will be launched by LVM3 soon on the given date from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The main objective of this launch is to demonstrate the end-to-end capability of safe landing and orbiting on the celestial or lunar surface.

In this article, you will know the Chandrayaan 3 launch date, the cost of the entire launch, the objective of the Chandrayaan 3 launch and much more. All the details are given here in order and you can find more information about Chandrayaan 3 project. If Chandrayaan 3 project becomes successful then again India will be very proud.

India will become such a country in the world that touches the surface of the moon hidden from the earth and know whether this mission will be successful after many exciting updates from there. Now we hope that all the hard work of ISRO scientists will be successful and the mission will be able to stabilize on the lunar surface without any problem. We pray to God that there should not be any problem in launching Chandrayaan 3 as per the previous Chandrayaan 2.

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ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Project – Overview

MissionChandrayaan 3
Mission typeLunar lander, rover, Propulsion Module
Operator, Manufacturer, ContractorISRO
Payload massPropulsion Module: 2148 kg Lander Module: 1752 kg including Rover of 26 kg Total: 3900 kg
Chandrayaan 3 Launch date12 July 2023
RocketLaunch Vehicle Mark-3 (LVM 3)
Chandrayaan 3 Launch siteSatish Dhawan Space Centre
Spacecraft componentRover
Chandrayaan 3 Landing date23 August 2023
Landing siteLunar south pole
Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date: Cost, Landing Date, Mission Objectives

Objective of Chandrayaan 3 Launch by ISRO

The objective of launching Chandrayaan 3 is to collect information from the Moon’s surface from the south where no country has gone so far. If this plan is successful, India will become the first country in the world to touch the southern surface of the Moon. Earlier in 2018 Chandrayaan 2 was launched by ISRO and it entered the Moon’s orbit but did not land on the Moon’s surface and crashed at that time.

Now ISRO is planning to launch Chandrayaan 3 with complete safety and the main task of this launch is to touch the Moon’s surface and Chandrayaan 3 Rover to collect information from that surface and send them to Earth. If the mission is successful, the Indian space station will become the first country to launch a rocket to the south surface of the Moon.

ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Budget

It is very interesting among the readers what is the budget of Chandrayaan 3 then we want to tell you that Chandrayaan 3 is made with a budget of 600 crores and it is most difficult for ISRO because all the attention of scientists is on this Chandrayaan 3 and successfully launched it into lunar orbit.

Chandrayaan 2 was made with a budget of 960 crores and Chandrayaan 3 is made with less budget than Chandrayaan 2 and it is possible by ISRO with the expert team. Chandrayaan 3 will be launched on the 6th orbital flight of Launch Vehicle Mark III (LMV3). ISRO informed us that setting up a mission in the orbit of another planet involves a lot of cost but we have tried to accomplish this mission with the latest technology and less cost which will make the launch of this project better and more successful.

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ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Launch Vehicle & Weight

Knowing the Chandrayaan 3 launch vehicle and its weight is also very important and exciting for those interested in astrology. Then ISRO has given information about Chandrayaan 3 vehicle and also told its weight. As per the latest update, the weight of Chandrayaan 3 to be launched by LMV3 is 3900 kg and according to the scientist, it is necessary to launch a mission to make it successful. ISRO has collaborated with Japan and selected the vehicle in the launch of Chandrayaan 3 which provides safety for a successful landing on the lunar surface.

Vehicle LMC3 consists of Rover and Orbiter. Now it is very interesting that Chandrayaan 3 launch date has been fixed by ISRO and it will be on 12th July 2023. All preparations are going on for the launch of Chandrayaan 3 and soon they will complete it. To avoid any mishap, the scientist needs to keep the weight of the latest project reasonable this time.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date – FAQs

When will Chandrayaan 3 be Launched?

Chandrayaan 3 will be launched on 12th July 2023.

What is the Touch Down of Chandrayaan 3 on the Moon’s Surface?

Chandrayaan 3 will touch down on Moon’s Surface on 23rd August 2023.

What is the Chandrayaan 3 Budget?

Chandrayaan 3 has made with a budget of 615 Crores.

Is Chandrayaan 3 different from Chandrayaan 2?

No, there is no difference between Chandrayaan 2 and Chandrayaan 3, but the safety of Chandrayaan 3 is better than 2.

From where will Chandrayaan 3 be launched?

Chandrayaan 3 will be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota.

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