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Dussehra 2024 will be celebrated on 12th October this year. Dussehra is observed on the Tenth day of Navratri. Vijayadashami is celebrated in the every part of the nation with doing Durga pooja and by chanting Jai Sri Ram. On this day, towering effigies of Ravan are burnt with fireworks, marking destruction of evil. Check the best Happy Dussehra Wishes 2024, Dussehra Quotes 2024 & the Happy Dussehra Messages 2024, Happy Dussehra Wishes 2024 In Hindi are Provided below in this post.

Every Hindu celebrates this Dussehra festival, as it is a Hindu festival that is celebrated every year. Dussehra is also called Vijayadashami in India. Every year, Dussehra is celebrated after the Navratri of Asvina Mass. Navratri is a nine-day festival that is celebrated to honor the nine incarnations of Goddess durga. After the compilation of this nine-day festival, on the 10th day, Vijayadashami, or Dussehra, is celebrated. The Dussehra festival is mostly celebrated in September or October. Dussehra is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. This is the festival of victory for Lord Rama over the demonic ruler Ravaan. Rama’s wife Sita was kidnapped by Ravaan.

Because of this, a battle was held between them. Ravan had ten heads, and he had a boon, which was given by Lord Brahma, according to which he could not defeat in any battle. Ravan can be killed by shooting an arrow through his belly button. Rama kills Ravana through his belly button and wins the battle. Ravan is a symbol of evil, and Rama is a symbol of goodness because of these people called Dushera sa Vijay Dashmi. On this day, people burn an idol of Ravan and burn it as a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. People perform Ramlila in their area, which is a short epic of the Ramayana. Ramlila starts on the first day of Navratri and ends on Dussehra, or Vijay Dashmi, by burning the idol of Ravana. On Dussehra, people go to the temple and worship there.

Dussehra Wishes 2023

Dussehra Wishes 2024

Dussehhtra is a big Hindu festival that is celebrated by Hindus with great enthusiasm all over India. Every year, Dussehra happens in September or October. On 12 October 2024, Dussehra is being celebrated by all Hindus this year of 2024. Dussehra is a national holiday in India. On this day, people wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and all wear new clothes. After that, they visit the nearest temple and pray to God. They return home and worship Lord Rama and Goddess Durga. They do aarti and offer some sweets as bhog to the lord.

In the evening, people go to the place where a huge idol of the demon King Ravaan sets on fire. This is a tradition with the specific value of a giant victory celebration. When Ravan’s idol burns, it is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. It gives us the message that no matter how big the evil is, one day it will be defeated by the good. Everyone enjoys Ravan Dahan because of the fantastic view of blazing flames, thunderous applause, and brilliant fireworks.

Dussehra 2024 Date & Time

Festival NameDussehra
Other name of dussehra Vijayadashami 
Dussehra celebration Date 12 October 2024
Dussehra celebration Time3:00 Pm to 3:45 pm 
Dussehra celebration year 2024
Reason for Dussehra celebrationTriumph of good over evil
Festival of Religion Hindu

Dussehra 2024 Muhurat 

On October 12, 2024 Dussehra will be celebrated. Dussehra Dashami Tithi will start at 8:14 a.m. on October 11, 2024. The Dashmi Tithi will end at 5:44 a.m. on the morning of October 12, 2024. Shawarna Nakshtra begins at 9:14 a.m. on October 11, 2024. The Shawarma Nakshatra ends at 7:44 a.m. on October 12, 2024. Vijya Muhurat will start at 3:00 p.m. on October 12, 2024, and end at 3:45 p.m. on October 12, 2024. Bengal Vijayadashami Aparahna Muhurat will start at 2:14 pm on October 11, 2024, and end at 4:31 pm on October 12, 2024.

Dussehra Wishes 2024 In English

  • Happy Dussehra, May you get all the blessings of lord RAMA. 
  • Wishing you a year of success, happiness, and wealth. I wish you a Happy Dussehra 2024. 
  • Let’s rejoice in the triumph of good over evil and work to become better people. I wish you a Happy Dussehra 2024.
  • May this Dussehra bring you happiness, serenity, and Success. Happy Vijayadashmi. 
  • I Pray that lord Rama Enrich your life  with joy, prosperity, and success on this joyous day of Dussehra. Happy Vijayadashmi 2024!
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Dussehra Messages 2024 & Quotes 

  • The most significant victories are those we have against our internal Conflicts.
  • On this Dussehra May the courage and Perseverance of lord Rama fill in your heart. 
  • May you always triumph over life’s challenges like Lord Rama. 
  • Goodness Can never be defeated by evil. On this Dussehra let’s rejoice at virtue’s victory.
  • A moment to reaffirm our dedication to goodness and justice is during Dussehra.
  • May the Dussehra spirit fill your heart with bravery and resolve.
  • Wishing you joy, laughter and the love of family and friends this Dussehra.
  • May Goddess Durga’s divine blessings guard you and your loved ones.
  • On this day of Dussehra may you be blessed with success in all your attempts.
Dussehra Wishes 2023 In English

Happy Dussehra Wishes 2024 In Hindi

  • दशहरा की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये।  इस दशहरा आपकी सभी बुराइयों पर आपकी अच्छाइया जीत हासिल करे।  
  • इस विजयादशमी के त्यौहार पर मै प्राथना करती हु की भगवन राम औरदेवी दुर्गा आपको हसी ख़ुशी अच्छा स्वास्थय और सफलता दे।  
  • इस 2024 के रावण दहन के साथ आपकी सभी परेशानी और चिंता जल कर रख हो जाये। दशहरा की बहुत सारी शुभकामनाय।  
  • विजयादशमी के शुभ अवसर पर आपको और आपके परिवार को सुख, शांति, समृद्धि और अच्छा स्वस्थ्य मिले। 
Dussehra 2023

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Dussehra Messages 2023
Dussehra Quotes 2023
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Dussehra Wishes 2024 FAQs

When will Dussehra be celebrated in the year 2024?

The dussehra will be celebrated on October 12, 2024.

Which goddess or lord is worshiped during Dussehra?

Some people worshiped Lord Rama, and some people worshiped Goddess Durga.

What do people do at the time of the Dussehra celebration?

People perform Ram Leela and the fire demon King Ravaan’s idol.

What are the best Dussehra Messages 2024?

Check the best Dussehra Messages 2024 in the post above.

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