Free Fire Unban Date in India, Garena FF Return Date

Free Fire Unban Date in India: Free Fire is a familiar name among the youth of India and most of the players can be found as Free Fire players in India. If you wonder what was the reason for the Free Fire Ban in India then we are here to reveal the information for you. Free Fire is from Garena and it is now banned in India due to some privacy reasons.

The Government of India banned Free Fire in India in February 2022, along with this the Google Play Store and App Store had also removed this application from their platforms as per the guidelines of the Government of India. But now it is expected that Free Fire will be unbanned and soon you will get a Free Fire Unban Date in India. There is no official update available regarding this but we are here to provide you with real updates related to Free Fire Unban in India.

Free Fire Unban Date

After the Free Fire ban in India, Free Fire Max is now available on the Google Play Store for Android users. All the facts and graphics of Free Fire Max are related to Free Fire and the developer is updating it from time to time and providing some updates to connect more users to Free Fire Max. This is a BGMI series mobile game that is currently available for download and now running in India with many players playing the task. If you are here expecting about Free Fire Unban Date then we suggest you read this full article and know the real report here. Many users have in mind when will Free Fire be Unban in India and what the confirmed date of Free Fire Unban in India is. So if you read this article till the end then all your doubts can be cleared here.

We can now know the direct answer about Free Fire return date in India but as per the official update, I am writing this article for you. I hope you will get updates through this and you will be able to satisfy yourself about Free Fire unban date here. As we know Garena Free Fire was the most popular game played by many users in India. After being banned, it left a mark on many users. The main reason for its popularity was released at the time of lockdown and at that time people were short of time and had no work to do. So Garena Free Fire Battle Royale mobile game was an option and with time it has become popular among teenagers in India. Now if you are worried about the Free Fire Unban Date in India then try to get more accurate information from the below sections.

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Gerena Free Fire Mobile Game – Overview

GameFree Fire
Garena FF Release Date8 December 2017
GenreBattle Royale
Free Fire Banned in IndiaFebruary 2022
Free Fire Unban Date in IndiaExpected in the End of 2023
Official Date for FF UnbanNot yet Declared
Official Game
Free Fire Unban Date in India, Garena FF Return Date

Reason Behind Garena Free Fire Ban in India

PUBG has kept its market in India for a long time. Many users are players of PUBG and they have also liked it. After some time Garena has developed a fighting game named Garena Free Fire which is an application related to PUBG which has features, graphics, selection of weapons, location and other overall options related to PUBG mobile games. So in January 2022, PUBG filed a lawsuit against Garena and its parent company Sea for copyright infringement. Crafton pointed out that Free Fire and Free Fire Max have similarities to PUBG Battlegrounds and have copied many aspects of it.

The matter then went to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India and they realized that the action filed by PUBG is correct and announced a ban on Free Fire in India. Free Fire is permanently banned in India on February 2022 and the reason given by the ministry for banning Free Fire is on the grounds of privacy and security. Along with this, 53 other apps operating from China were also banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act of the Constitution of India.

Garena FF Unban Date in India – Latest Updates

Free Fire has been banned in India for a year but Garena is trying to unban Free Fire in India and work on it is also going on. Very soon you will get good news from Garena about the Confirmed Unban Date of Free Fire in India. Apart from this, Free Fire Max is still available for Android users and can be downloaded online from Google Play Store. After Free Fire was banned in India, they migrated this game to Free Fire Max which provides the same platform for the users. Some features have been changed by Garena in Free Fire Max which you can see while playing it.

Now Free Fire players are expecting Free Fire unban date but there is no official statement available regarding this. As expected, Free Fire may be unbanned in India by the end of 2023. So if you are a user of Free Fire and now want to return to the game then you will have to wait for some time. The authority is trying its best to recover all those updates for which Free Fire is banned in India and soon there will be news about Free Fire Unbanned in India on the platform. If you are still waiting here to know the confirmed date of Free Fire Unban then have to wait and contact the developer via the social platform to ask about the date.

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Garena Free Fire Game Mode

Free Fire offers you 15 game modes, including Clash Squad, Explosive Jump, Team Deathwatch, Cold Steel, Rampage, and Pet Mania. Free Fire features a battle royale game mode in which up to 52 players land on an island without weapons and fight each other. The last person can get a weapon from a building. Royale battle game can improve your rank in free fire and this can be used to unlock further battle games in free fire. Clash Squad is the mode in which 4 players buy weapons and other items from the game shop during preparation.

Lone Wolf is also a mode in which 1 -1 player and 2 – 2 players can play in duo mode with some rules. The game is played in a best-of-5 format. Craftland allows players to design their own map in Free Fire using the game builder tool. User-created maps can be shared with each other. The game builder gives you tons of features to adapt your ideas to life. The user can also add buildings, elements and decorations to the map until they reach the maximum space limit.

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Free Fire Unban Date – FAQs

When will Garena Free Fire Unban in India?

There is no official date available regarding the Free Fire Unban in India but it can be by the end of 2023.

Is Free Fire available on Google Play Store?

No, after the ban, Google Play Store has removed Free Fire from their Platform.

Is Free Fire and Free Fire Max the Same?

Free Fire Max is now available for Android Users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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