Rajmarg Yatra App: Services, Capabilities & Features, iOS & Android Download

Today we will learn about the Rajmarg Yatra App which has been launched by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to provide accurate information while you are on the National Highway. NHAI has launched a citizen-centric integrated mobile application called “Rajmarg Yatra App” which can be used to get information related to heavy traffic on NH, weather forecast, real-time traffic updates, nearest petrol pumps, restaurants and lodges, FAST tag integration and is done for many other essential services that people usually use while driving.

Rajmarg Yatra App will make your journey more comfortable and safe, it will notify you if you are driving over speed. You will get a notification or voice command for your over speed. If you want to know more about Rajmarg Yatra App then read the following section carefully.

Rajmarg Yatra App

Rajmarg Yatra App is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS. If you are an Android user, you can download the Rajmarg Yatra App from the Google Play Store, while iOS users can download it from the App Store, which is now easily available on both platforms. Talking about the Highway Rajmarg Yatra App Interface is available in both English and Hindi languages, which can be more effective to understand. The application will be available for both commercial customers and personal vehicles. You can easily use this application once you download Rajmarg Yatra App on your device and get all the services available on this app in real-time.

Many people travel from NH and sometimes they face heavy traffic, bad weather and many other issues due to these issues, the time to reach the destination increases then their estimated time. So now NHAI has created this solution and launched Rajmarg Yatra App and allowing all people to download the application and track all types of issues related while travelling on any NH in India. In this application, many services are included and made for people to get the latest information related to NHAI. Below we have attached all the services available on this Rajmarg Yatra App. You must know them before using this application.

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Services Available on Rajmarg Yatra App by NHAI

If you want to get all updates related to NH then must download the Rajmarg Yatra App which gives you accurate information about the route you are travelling on. Below we have attached some Rajmarg Yatra App Services which are included in this application to make this app more efficient and accurate to collect information. If you want to know what are the services included in Rajmarg Yatra App then read the following section carefully.

Weather Forecast: It is important for all people to get an idea about the weather before starting their journey. But when you travel the weather remains clear but in the middle of the journey, the weather turns bad. If you want to know these forecasts before your travel then must use this highway Rajmarg Yatra App for weather forecasts during travel. This will help people to acclimatize to the climatic conditions and travel will be smooth without any hindrance.

Rajmarg Yatra App: Services, Capabilities & Features, iOS & Android Download

Nearby Amenities: When you are travelling on any NH and want to stay for some time but due to lack information there is no information about restaurants or lodges. The Rajmarg Yatra App will provide information on all the restaurants and lodges you will come across during your journey on a particular NH. You can choose the better one among them and relax for a while. The problem may be faced by those who are new to this path and are looking for a place to rest. Then the Rajmarg Yatra App will help you find the nearest resorts and other facilities needed for your trip.

Offering Grievance Redressal: This facility is provided by NHAI to give you feedback on the path you travelled. If user faces any kind of problem while travelling on any NH then they can complain about that particular location and mention the type of problem. NHAI will solve the problem and provide you with a better journey. This Rajmarg Yatra App feature will help NHAI to recover from the problem in time so that other people do not face the same problem.

FASTag Integration: FASTag which is an electronic toll payment option provides multiple services through Rajmarg Yatra App. You can track Fastag status online through the app, and refill Fastag top-up easily. This saves both time and money for the customers while travelling on the National Highway.

Over Speeding Notification: If you are travelling on NH and your vehicle is over speed then Rajmarg Yatra App will notify you to reduce your vehicle speed to avoid any kind of accident. You will also receive a voice message from the app to encourage responsible and safe driving behaviour.

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Steps to Download Rajmarg Yatra App

As we mentioned in the above section the Rajmarg Yatra App is now available for both Android and iOS platforms. Users can download the Rajmarg Yatra App according to the device they are using. Here we have provided the download steps for both users and you can follow the steps below.

Rajmarg Yatra App for Android:

  • First, you need to open the Google Play Store if you are Android User.
  • Then type Rajmarg Yatra App in Search Bar.
  • Now Rajmarg Yatra App will appear, click on it.
  • You should click on Install Rajmarg Yatra App.
  • Now the processing is ongoing and soon the download process will be complete.
  • After downloading, you can click on it to Install on your device.
  • Once Installed, you can use Rajmarg Yatra App Services.

Rajmarg Yatra App for iOS:

  • For this, you have to visit the App Store.
  • Then search for Rajmarg Yatra App.
  • Click on download it.
  • After downloading, you start installing it.
  • Once Installed, you can use Rajmarg Yatra App on the iOS Platform.
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Rajmarg Yatra App – FAQs

What do you know about Rajmarg Yatra App?

Rajmarg Yatra App is a citizen-centric unified mobile application used for NH Information.

Who Launched Rajmarg Yatra App?

Rajmarg Yatra App is launched by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

What types of Services are Included in Rajmarg Yatra App?

Rajmarg Yatra App provides NH-related Services to the customer while they are on any NH.

Can I Get Accurate Information on Rajmarg Yatra App?

The main motive of the Rajmarg Yatra App is to provide real-time information to all customers while they are travelling on NH.

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