Chandrayaan 3 Status: ISRO Moon Mission Live Tracker, Landing Date & Time

All eyes are on Chandrayaan 3 for a successful landing on 23rd August 2023. If you are waiting for ISRO Moon Mission Chandrayaan 3 Status then we are providing the information available by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). As per the recent updates, ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 Lander has been separated from propulsion on 17th August 2023 and it is now orbiting the nearest Moon and ISRO is reducing the speed of Chandrayaan 3 Vikram Lander.

Earlier it was in an orbit of 153 km by 163 km, which is the lowest distance from the Moon’s surface. Day by day after 17 August 2023, ISRO is trying to reduce the speed of the lander and whenever it reaches the lowest point of 30 km it will be landed on the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan 3 Status

At present Chandrayaan 3 Vikram Lander is circling in the Moon’s orbit and soon it will reach the nearest orbit and from there ISRO will start landing Vikram Lander on the Moon’s South Pole. Now till 22 August 2023, there is night on the moon and on 23 August 2023, the landing program will be executed. On this day the sun will rise and the process of landing will take place.

However, there the propulsion was released as the lander orbited the moon and this would increase the speed of the lander. From August 18, 2023, Vikram Lander has been separated and will have to complete the further journey till landing alone. Now it is a difficult time for ISRO because Chandrayaan 2 had completed all these processes which Chandrayaan 3 has completed. The last 20 minutes will be very important for everyone to make the soft landing of Chandrayaan 3 on 23rd August 2023.

Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing Live Updates

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ISRO Moon Mission Chandrayaan 3 – Overview

MissionChandrayaan 3
Mission typeLunar lander, rover, Propulsion Module
Operator, Manufacturer, ContractorISRO
Payload massPropulsion Module: 2148 kg Lander Module: 1752 kg including Rover of 26 kg Total: 3900 kg
Chandrayaan 3 Launch date14th July 2023
RocketLaunch Vehicle Mark-3 (LVM 3)
Chandrayaan 3 Launch siteSatish Dhawan Space Centre
Spacecraft componentRover
Chandrayaan 3 Landing date23 August 2023
Landing siteLunar south pole
Chandrayaan 3 Status: ISRO Moon Mission Live Tracker, Landing Date & Time

ISRO Moon Mission Chandrayaan 3 Status

As we know, Chandrayaan 3 has been launched by ISRO on 14th July 2023 from Sri Hari Kota Space Center. After the launch, everyone’s eyes are fixed on Chandrayaan 3 live status. ISRO has also provided every minute update through its official handle where you can check. After launch, Chandrayaan 3 is shifted from Earth’s orbit to Moon’s orbit on 1 August 2023. After that ISRO changed the Moon’s orbit for Chandrayaan 3 and gradually reduced the distance between Moon and Chandrayaan 3’s Vikram Lander to successfully land it.

Now ISRO has tried to reduce the speed of Chandrayaan 3’s Vikram Lander after its separation from the launch and it is done on 18 August 2023. No further updates on Chandrayaan 3 will be done after its release on the official handle of ISRO. If you are interested in ISRO’s moon mission Chandrayaan 3 then stay connected with us and look forward to knowing what will happen with Chandrayaan 3 and its landing. For details read the following section carefully. Chandrayaan 3 Status

According to the latest information, Chandrayaan 3 has reached the lowest lunar orbit of 1455 km and soon it will reach the minimum distance, from there its landing process will start. On 17th August 2023, Chandrayaan 3 Vikram Lander and propulsion have been separated and now Vikram Lander will achieve its goal of landing on the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan 2 had completed all the procedures that Chandrayaan 3 had completed, but at the time of landing it was considered unable to make a successful landing on the surface and contact with ISRO was lost. But they are now trying their best to soft-land the Chandrayaan 3 lander orbiting in the lowest orbit of the Moon. The separated propulsion module will orbit the Moon in which the lander and rover were separated from propulsion, and it will probe for incoming radiation from Earth for a period of 3 – 6 months.

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Mission Objectives of Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3 has been launched successfully on 14th July 2023 and it is now orbiting around the moon to achieve the lowest distance to land. ISRO Scientist is also trying to reduce the distance between Chandrayaan 3 Vikram Lander and Moon they waiting for it lowest point. Chandrayaan 3 has been launched with some objectives which are mentioned below. You should know What Chandrayaan 3 will work after landing on Moon’s South Pole.

  • To Demonstrate a safe and Soft Landing on the lunar Surface.
  • To demonstrate Rover roving on the moon
  • To conduct in situ scientific experiments

ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Live Status

Chandrayaan 3 is now orbiting at the closest point to the moon which is 30 KM. ISRO is now deboosting the speed of Chandrayaan 3 to safe landing on the Moon’s Surface. This is now a critical time for the ISRO because while landing Chandrayaan 3 Rover should be parallel to the moon’s surface and it can be run 90 degrees to the moon’s surface for some KM and that will be a very tuff time to control. Because when the Chandrayaan 2 landed then that crashed during the landing time.

Now Chandrayaan 3 is all set to land on the Moon’s South Pole on 23rd August 2023. The Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan 3 will touch the moon’s surface at 5:47 PM as per the Indian Standard Time. Now ISRO is reducing the speed of Chandrayaan 3 while is revolving in the lower orbit and slowly it will be closer to the moon’s surface. The movement of this process will be gone till 22nd August 2023 and from 23rd August 2023, it will be landed to the surface.

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Chandrayaan 3 Live Status – FAQs

What is the Live Location of Chandrayaan 3?

Chandrayaan 3 is in the closest orbit of the Moon and ISRO has now put it in 100 KM Orbit and then it will be moved to the 30 KM Orbit where a landing can happen.

When was Chandrayaan 3 Launched?

Chandrayaan 3 was launched on 14th July 2023.

What is the Objective of the Chandrayaan 3 Lunar Mission?

Chandrayaan 3 has been launched and now it is landed on the Moon Surface. Chandrayaan 3 will examine the South Pole of the Moon where nobody can go.

What is the Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date & Time?

Chandrayaan 3 will be landed on Moon’s Surface on 23rd August 2023 at 5:47 PM.

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