Raksha Bandhan 2023 Date & Time, Rakhi Rituals, शुभ मुहूर्त and More

If you are here and want to know about Raksha Bandhan Date in 2023, Shubh Muhurat, Rituals and more then read this article till the end. Here are all the updates about Raksha Bandhan Festival and you will get to know about some other exciting significance of this festival celebrated in India. Raksha Bandhan is usually a Hindu festival but other communities also celebrate this day.

Raksha Bandhan is the bond of protection and a way of expressing the love between a sister and a brother. On this day sisters tie rakhi to their brother and ask him to promise to protect them in any situation of life. A brother also promises his sister to protect her at any point in her life. So we can say that Raksha Bandhan is a festival that expresses the love, bond, trust, and deep affection between sister and brother. It is also a loving bond between brother and sister.

Raksha Bandhan 2023 Date

Raksha Bandhan has great importance for each other (brother-sister). It is also a festival that reminds us of the values of loyalty, trust and support among family and connects them to each other which is important for any relationship. Raksha Bandhan is a festival of brothers and sisters that not only expresses respect but also tells the importance of relationships which is essential in any relationship. This day reminds us of the love of brother and sister and also brings each other closer. It is a festival of strong relationship between sister and brother and it is a festival celebrated every year after the month of Shravan. On this day sisters living anywhere in India come to tie rakhi to their brother.

Raksha Bandhan also known as the Bond of Protection simplifies the love between a Sister and a Brother. According to the Hindu calendar, this time there is confusion regarding the date of Raksha Bandhan. Actually, this time due to Bhadra there is a difference of opinion regarding celebrating Raksha Bandhan on 30 and 31 August. Due to Bhadra time, sisters do not tie rakhi on their brother’s wrist and wait for an auspicious time to do so. If you want to know other facts and the importance of Raksha Bandhan then you can read the following section carefully and here you can know the importance of Raksha Bandhan festival in India. You can also know here the story of celebrating Raksha Bandhan in India along with Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat, Raksha Bandhan Choghadiya and many more.

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Importance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of the Hindu religion and it is important for sisters and brothers. On this day sister ties rakhi on the brother’s wrist, and along with that, she prays to God for her brother’s long life. Brother also promises his sister to protect her at any point in her life. Raksha Bandhan is a festival of love between sisters and brothers that binds each other and teaches us to respect each other. Every year Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Shravan Purnima Tithi.

Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but it is a bond between brothers and sisters which allows them to respect each other, also it is a family festival that expresses the importance of family in everyone’s life. Through this, sister and brother are connected to each other with the thread of love, which is an unbreakable bond between brother and sister. This festival is celebrated by all the members of the family with full enthusiasm and tradition.

Raksha Bandhan 2023 Date & Time, Rakhi Rituals, शुभ मुहूर्त and More

Significance & History of Raksha Bandhan

There are many significances of celebrating Raksha Bandhan festival in India. We are providing some of them to you in this article. Many people search for the reason behind celebrating Raksha Bandhan festival where there are many mythological stories available on the internet which tell the story of Raksha Bandhan festival. As we talk about the era of deities, Draupadi tied a piece of cloth around Lord Krishna’s wrist when his finger was injured while fighting to kill the evil king Shishupala. For this Lord Krishna promised Draupadi to protect her at any moment of her life.

As we talk about medieval history, another significance of the Raksha Bandhan festival is found. The story tells that when Bahadur Shah attacked Mewar, Rani Karnavati sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun for help, and then Humayun wasted no time in helping Rani Karnavati of Mewar and saving her from Bahadur Shah’s attack. On the other hand, during the partition of Bengal in 1905, Rabindranath Tagore started Rakhi Mahotsav which expresses solidarity and love between Hindus and Muslims. It started when the British created divisions among the communities.

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Raksha Bandhan 2023 – शुभ मुहूर्त

पूर्णिमा तिथि प्रारंभ: 30 अगस्त 2023 को सुबह 10 बजकर 58 मिनट पर।

पूर्णिमा तिथि समाप्त: 31 अगस्त 2023 को सुबह 07 बजकर 05 मिनट पर।

भद्रा 30 अगस्त 2023 को शुरू होगी: सुबह 10:58 बजे से।

भद्रा 30 अगस्त 2023 को समाप्त होगी: रात्रि 09:01 बजे।

राखी बांधने का शुभ मुहूर्त: 30 अगस्त 2023 रात 9:05 बजे से 31अगस्त 2023 को सुबह 07.05 बजे तक।

Rakhi should not be tied during Bhadra time – why?

This year Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on both 30 and 31 August 2023. But on 30 August 2023, the whole day is in Bhadra, which starts at 10:58 in the morning and ends at 9:01 in the night. You can tie Rakhi after Bhadra Kaal. Apart from this, after 9:01 pm on 30 August 2023, Rakhi can be tied till 7:05 am on 31 August 2023.

By this time Bhadra time would have passed and this is an auspicious time to tie Rakhi. There are many myths about the refusal to tie Rakhi in the Bhadra period. According to mythology, Shurpanakha, Ravana’s sister had tied a rakhi to Ravana during the Bhadra period, due to which Ravana’s entire clan was destroyed. At the time of Bhadra, no sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist. They believe that if she ties Rakhi at the time of Bhadra, then her brother’s age decreases.

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